Shankweiler Scholars Medical Humanities Honors Program

The Shankweiler Scholars Medical Humanities Honors Program is designed for highly motivated undergraduates who are preparing to pursue an MD degree after graduation and a life of serving humanity through clinical practice and/or research. As a liberal arts pre-medical experience, the program is particularly well-suited for pre-medical students planning to major in the humanities or social sciences or natural science majors with broad intellectual interests.

Students accepted into the Shankweiler Scholars Medical Humanities Program will receive a merit award and participate in a curriculum that supports exploration of the human dimensions of the practice of medicine in addition to the standard preparation for medical school. High-performing students in the Shankweiler Scholars Medical Humanities Program will be positioned to compete for admission to leading U.S. medical schools, including Boston University School of Medicine and Temple University School of Medicine, with which Muhlenberg has Academic Partnerships.

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